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Tarantula is a MySQL User Interface from Inverted Software

Tarantula Administrates MySQL Databases from your Desktop. MySQL is the most popular database ever: "Over five million installations use MySQL to power high-volume Web sites and other critical business systems" according to the MySQL database creators.

Gal Ratner (CEO):" The idea to write a new UI to administrate MySQL databases, one that will be platform and driver independent, was born after trying to "move" large databases from one server to the other. I realized that using phpMyAdmin is not an option. I simply couldn't get the admin to send large chunks of data back to my machine, and there was no way I could upload large txt files to create the databases. I started writing a limited program that will do just that for me, and I just kept writing until the Tarantula was born."

The Tarantula (code name) is a 100% JAVA based platform and driver independent MySQL UI.
It has the ability to connect to multiple servers, administrator data and users, perform backups and move data across in a user transparent way.

Use it on any machine: from windows to mac and linux. No web server necessary, very user friendly, extremely low footprint and will work with any JDBC MySQL driver.
The Tarantula has the potential to change the way developers choose their next database.

Download Tarantula For Windows

Backing up data is easy and simple: just select the tables you wish to back up, point to a file, locally or remotely and click.
You can write your own query using our visual representation of the database.
See each database's properties in an understandable way.
You can load any SQL based file into a database or try our XML format based files.
Login to any server anywhere.
Create tables in minutes.
See and edit records in a super easy way. You can use a text editor for mutiple lines of text.
Modify any table.
Manage your users in table scope precision.

Tarantula is now available as a free solution under the GNU License from inverted software.

MySQL is a registered trademark of MySQL AB in the United States, the European Union and other countries.

For additional information and community support please try our community site MySQLTarantula.com

Download Tarantula For Windows

Download Tarantula For MAC / Linux

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